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Hear from our parents and athletes about what it's like to be a part of the Twister family!


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"Our daughter Sparrow has been attending Knoxville Twisters since the Fall of 2022. As a military family we were new to the area and were trying to find an activity for her to make friends and learn something that she would grow to love. What started off as a simple weekly tumble class turned into joining their All-Star Competition Team a month later. Our once shy daughter is now in her third season where she continues to learn new skills as well as adjusting to new coaches and staff that works with her as she progresses through classes. We love that they take the time to get to know their athletes personalities and challenge them to keep trying even when they are having a rough day. Our daughter has learned and continues to learn at a young age what it truly means to be a part of a team and a gym family and that is what Knoxville Twisters is. A giant family that will support your athlete to be the best they can be while being a friend and a mentor that they will have for the future.”

Laken & Tyler Bordner, Knoxville Twister Parent


“As my family has reached a new chapter of our history at Knoxville Twisters, I feel compelled to comment on our wonderful decade+ of experiences! My daughter Presley has been an active member of Knoxville Twisters since the doors opened fourteen years ago. I enrolled her in a tumble class with the goal of preparing her for flag cheer. A short year later she was tumbling everywhere, all the time and we were suddenly on an All-Star Competitive Cheer Team. Our experiences over the years have included individual growth in both technical skill and life lessons.  Presley has grown up at Twisters. She has learned sportsmanship, the joy of victory and how to handle defeat, how to be a team player, and the value of loyal friends and coaches.

 She has pushed herself physically to accomplish her goals and earn her spot on 12 years of winning teams! The guidance she has received from her Twisters family has transcended into her personality and character. Her coaches have led by example allowing Presley to become goal oriented and determined. She is kind and encouraging and always ready to lend a hand. She is both confident and humble, she is both a leader and a friend.These life lessons have led her to her next chapter at Knoxville Twisters as Coach Presley and we cannot be prouder! We are loyal and devoted advocates of our gym and our gym family and it is our hope that your child has the opportunity to grow their skills and learn from the wonderful staff at Knoxville Twisters Cheer & Tumbling.”


Dawn Jones, Knoxville Twister Parent


"This gym has been absolutely wonderful! My daughter started taking tumbling classes at age three and now is an allstar athlete! The coaches have been caring, nurturing and most importantly encouraging! Thank you to Knoxville twisters for being such a positive influence in my daughter’s life!"

Morgan Schaller, Knoxville Twister Parent



“We brought my daughter to Knoxville Twisters when she was 2 1/2 years old. She was shy, timid, and afraid of most everything. We started in a tumble class and after a few sessions I thought well this isn’t going to work out. She cried every time but would listen to instructors and try her very best through the tears but didn’t want to stop coming. I couldn’t understand why she would want to come back if she was so upset when she was in class. Well,

Emma W..jpg

 if that wasn’t crazy enough we ventured in to the All Star world with putting her on a team. I just knew this would be what she needed to help her overcome her fear of all things. That first year was hard for both of us even though she loved all of it she was scared to death of performing. We made it through that first year and now we are moving toward her 10th season as an All Star at Knoxville Twisters. She has come so far from growing in and with this sport to building confidence, maturity, and leadership. We owe this gym and coaches so much to have helped shape and mold her into being who she is today. I am so glad we came and stayed the course with many many tears shed and bumps along the way we have never looked back. She is dedicated to this sport and to this gym and we will forever be grateful for Knoxville Twisters!”

Natali W., Knoxville Twister Parent


  Ellie began her journey with all star cheer at the age of three with another gym. When displaced after the decision was made that they would no longer have an all star team, we were lucky enough to land at Twisters. Even with it being late in the summer and teams already selected they found a place for Ellie. She was placed on Tornadoes that year and we have never looked back.


    Twisters is not only a place for cheer and tumble, it is so much more and Ellie is the perfect example of this. Ellie struggles with dyslexia daily but the staff at Twisters are not only there for Ellie as coaches but also as mentors. They take time to ensure she gets help with her schoolwork when needed, giving her the extra pep talk she needs when working on a new skill and getting her through mental blocks. This has not only given her confidence at the gym but also in school.
         Ellie can be seen at Twisters 5 to 6 times a week working on new skills, perfecting old ones and always looking to improve herself!! Not only has Twisters given her a place of belonging, but they have become a second family to her! Ellie adores her coaches and loves her cheer brothers and sisters something fierce.KT4L

Dustin & Randi Beth Starnes, Knoxville Twister Parents


My girls have been tumbling at Twisters for a couple of years. They have always felt at home at Twisters. The coaches are amazing and they always help boost their confidence. My girls are doing things I never expected to see them do! The coaches do not cut corners when it comes to tumbling and it really pays off. My girls especially love when the staff cheers them on, it’s a special place to be!   


Samantha Yearwood, Knoxville Twister Parents


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