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Our All-Star Program is in its 13th successful year. During this time, our range of athletes has spanned from novice minis, some as young as 4 years old, to senior level 5, with athletes ages 14 to 18 as well as our CheerAbilities team. We have also offered Open and Parent teams when interest demanded.

Over the years, we have competed in 130+ local and national competitions in the southeast. Included in these are multiple wins at the coveted Cheersport Nationals in Atlanta and annual trips to the D2 Summit in Orlando. We proudly offer an elite program as well as limited travel and a half-year program. This diversification of programs allows for athletes and their families to choose the program that best serves their interest!




At Knoxville Twisters we find that All-Star Cheer and School/Rec cheer go hand-in-hand! We make every effort to ensure that our athletes are well rounded and that they excel in their desire to lead and support their school or rec teams! We offer our Cheer Try-out Prep class to prepare your athlete for the rigors of try-outs. In this class, the athlete will work on cheers, chants, motions, jumps, voice projections and confidence. We will do our absolute best to prepare you for your upcoming try-outs!

Classes for 2025 will begin in January!

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“As my family has reached a new chapter of our history at Knoxville Twisters, I feel compelled to comment on our wonderful decade+ of experiences! My daughter Presley has been an active member of Knoxville Twisters since the doors opened fourteen years ago. I enrolled her in a tumble class with the goal of preparing her for flag cheer. A short year later she was tumbling everywhere, all the time and we were suddenly on an All-Star Competitive Cheer Team. Our experiences over the years have included individual growth in both technical skill and life lessons. Presley has grown up at Twisters. She has learned sportsmanship, the joy of victory and how to handle defeat, how to be a team player, and the value of loyal friends and coaches. 

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 She has pushed herself physically to accomplish her goals and earn her spot on 12 years of winning teams! The guidance she has received from her Twisters family has transcended into her personality and character. Her coaches have led by example allowing Presley to become goal oriented and determined. She is kind and encouraging and always ready to lend a hand. She is both confident and humble, she is both a leader and a friend.These life lessons have led her to her next chapter at Knoxville Twisters as Coach Presley and we cannot be prouder! We are loyal and devoted advocates of our gym and our gym family and it is our hope that your child has the opportunity to grow their skills and learn from the wonderful staff at Knoxville Twisters Cheer & Tumbling.”

Dawn Jones, Knoxville Twister Parent


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